Algeria Flag Color Codes, RGB, Hex, CMYK, Meaning

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What are the colors of Algerian Flag?

The flag of Algeria consists of two vertical bands of green and white, with a red crescent moon and a red five-pointed star in the center.

Algerian Flag Important Information

Adopted3 July 1962
UseNational flag, civil and state ensign
Designed byEmir Abdelkader
Note: (Assumed)

Ahmed Messali Hadj
Note: (It is known that)
DesignGreen, White, and Red

Algerian Flag Image

Algeria Flag Color Codes, RGB, Hex, CMYK, Meaning

Algeria Flag Green Color Codes

Green Color
RGB0, 102, 51
CMYK91, 0, 100, 26

Algeria Flag White Color Codes

White Color
RGB255, 255, 255
CMYK0, 0, 0, 0
PantoneN. A.

Algeria Flag Red Color Codes

Red Color
RGB210, 16, 52
CMYK0, 100, 80, 5

What is the History and Meaning of Colors in the Algerian Flag?

The Algerian flag, adopted on July 3, 1962, holds significant historical and cultural meaning. It consists of two equal vertical bands of green and white, with a red star and crescent in the center. The colors and symbols of the flag are rich in symbolism, reflecting the country’s history and identity.

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Green: This color represents Islam, which is the predominant religion in Algeria. It also symbolizes the lush and fertile nature of the country, as well as hope and the bright future of the Algerian people.

White: The white band stands for purity and peace. Additionally, it signifies the sacrifices made by the Algerian people during their struggle for independence.

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Red: The red star and crescent, traditional symbols of Islam, are featured on a red field. The red color itself is associated with the bloodshed and sacrifices made during the Algerian War of Independence against French colonial rule.

The overall design and colors of the Algerian flag thus encapsulate the nation’s Islamic heritage, the struggle for independence, and the hope for a peaceful and prosperous future. The symbolism is concise and evocative, reflecting the historical context in which the flag was adopted and the values cherished by the Algerian people.

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