Ukraine Flag Color Codes, RGB, Hex, CMYK, Meaning & History

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What are the colors of Ukrainian flag?

The Ukrainian flag consists of two horizontal bands of equal width. The top band is blue, and the bottom band is yellow. The flag’s blue and yellow colors are symbolic: blue represents the sky, while yellow represents fields of wheat and prosperity.

Ukrainian Flag Important Information

Adopted28th January 1992
UseNational Flag, Civil, and State Ensign
Designed by
DesignA sky Blue and Yellow Bicolour

Ukrainian Flag Image

Ukraine Flag Color Codes

Ukraine Flag Blue Color Codes

Blue Color
RGB0, 87, 183
CMYK100, 63, 0, 2

Ukraine Flag Yellow Color Codes

Yellow Color
RGB255, 221, 0
CMYK0, 1, 100, 0

What is the History and Meaning of Colors in the Ukrainian Flag?

The flag of Ukraine consists of two horizontal bands of equal width – a blue upper band and a yellow lower band. The history and meaning behind the colors in the Ukrainian flag are deeply rooted in the country’s history, culture, and symbolism.

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The blue and yellow colors have been associated with Ukraine for centuries. These colors were traditionally used in various symbols of the Ukrainian lands and were often found in the traditional dress, religious art, and coats of arms of different Ukrainian territories.


The blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag carry several meanings:

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Sky and Spirituality: The blue color in the flag represents the blue skies that are often associated with freedom and a bright future. It also symbolizes the spiritual aspirations and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. Blue is often connected to spirituality and tranquility in Ukrainian culture.


Fields and Prosperity: The yellow color symbolizes the golden fields of grain that are so important to Ukraine’s agriculture and economy. It stands for prosperity, abundance, and the fertile land that has sustained the Ukrainian people for generations.

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Unity and Independence

The combination of blue and yellow on the flag represents the unity of the Ukrainian people and their determination to maintain their independence. The flag is a powerful symbol of the country’s identity and its struggle for self-determination.

Historical Legacy

The colors blue and yellow have historical significance in the context of the Ukrainian Cossacks and their struggle for autonomy and freedom. The flag serves as a reminder of the country’s historical struggles and achievements.

Patriotism and National Pride

The flag evokes feelings of patriotism and national pride among Ukrainians. It’s a symbol that unites people across different regions and backgrounds under a shared national identity.

Overall, the Ukrainian flag’s blue and yellow colors are rich with historical, cultural, and symbolic significance. They represent the nation’s aspirations, spirituality, unity, and the enduring connection to its land and heritage.

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